“Blue Mary has successfully united the sounds of the world into moving ballads and powerful tribal laced rock. Blue Mary are the future for a diverse Australia”.
— Linda Marr Fine Music FM presenter

Recipients of the ARTS NSW Music Fellowship in 2007, and support act for Sean Kuti and Egypt 80 in Sydney in 2009 (Vivid Festival), Blue Mary are one of Australia’s first original tribal rock bands. Fronted by song writing duo, Producer Richard Petkovic and vocalist Maria Mitar, Blue Mary build on traditional indie rock roots to create a refreshing take on contemporary new Australian music.

Their new CD COMMON GROUND, is taking the diversity of western Sydney to the masses! It’s a reflection of their multicultural neighbourhood and their search for music that will redefine Australian mainstream music by melding rock, ceremony, spirituality and urban culture into new genres of music: tribal rock, world hip hop and sacred pop.

Blue Mary’s live shows are a powerful and visually engaging experience, with African and Indian percussion adding layers of rhythm over the punch of the western drum kit, combined with Motown inspired backing harmonies. Their use of Guest artists takes the audience on a cultural and sonic journey with their fusions bringing ancient culture into a 3 min pop song. Guests include: Sufi vocalist, Oud player an world Whistling Champion, Asim Gorashi, Mongolian throat singer/horse fiddle Bukhu Gamburged and Hip Hop artist Mc Esky.

Their core band is led by Richard Petkovic on guitar/mandolin/harmonium and Maria Mitar on lead vocals, and the new CD is a testament to the strength and depth of the song writing union and an opportunity to profile some of the unique artists they have collaborated with over 14 artists from Western Sydney), often inviting these artists as guests in their live performances.