acoustic world pop WITH SACRED INFUSIONS

Blue Mary aims to uplift and celebrate our diverse identity through their music. The name was inspired by communication and the speaking of higher truths and stories, 'Blue' symbolise communication/will, and 'Mary' represents the divine feminine.

Led by singer /songwriter Maria Mitar and producer, Richard Petkovic, Blue Mary creates spiritually inspired melodic music, laced with harmonies, and world instrumentation, creating a sacred world pop sound, which represents the cultural diversity of Australia 

Blue Mary’s live shows are a captivating and engaging experience, ranging from intimate acoustic settings, with conscious storytelling, strong melody and harmonies, supported by African and Indian percussion, acoustic guitar, mandolin, harmonium and upright bass or they perform as an electric band, adding layers of rhythm over the punch of the western drum kit, supported by guest artists from world music backgrounds. 

Their use of guest artists takes the audience on a cultural and sonic journey with their fusions bringing ancient culture into a 3 min pop song. Guests include: Sufi vocalist, Oud player and world Whistling Champion, Asim Gorashi, Mongolian throat singer/horse fiddle Bukhu Gamburged.